About the Institute

Institute of Biology of Komi Scientific Centre of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IB Komi SC UB RAS) was organized in 1962. The Institute is the largest the academic centre for ecological and biological research on the European North-East Russia. The Institute consists of six departments and four laboratories, Zoological museum, Botanical garden and herbarium (SYKO).

Main areas of research

  • Study of biodiversity, structural and functional organization, stability and productivity of taiga and tundra ecosystems;
  • Biological action of ionizing radiation and other physico-chemical factors on cells, living organisms and natural ecosystems; problems of radiation and ecological genetics;
  • Study of physiological-biochemical basis of adaptation and reproduction of plants in cold climates;
  • Study of biologically active compounds in plants of natural flora and introduced plants;
  • Development of methods for monitoring, bioindication; creation of inventories and databases of biological resources of the European North-East with the use of remote sensing and GIS technologies.